I was born in the very north-west corner of Spain, in a small town close to the Atlantic ocean. The region is called Galicia, and some of you might know it for the city of Santiago de Compostela, a medieval town where pilgrims across the world walk.

I like to think that part of my research motivations come from a young age, the time as a child when I used to be fascinated by adventure books. Taking part on these imaginary stories created a hunger for learning, exploring and discovering.

Some years after, as an university student, that urge was transformed in a passion for algorithms and applied maths. That love pushed me through a diploma degree in Industrial Engineering with a major in Automatic Control (2013) and a MSc in Microsystems Engineering with a major in Optimal Control and Numerical Optimization (2016).

Since then, that necessity for learning and exploring has only increased, and still today, it drives my research motivations and my everyday work on control algorithms for energy markets.

At the moment, my research aim is double-folded: on the one hand, as a fellow of the INCITE network,  I am trying to develop efficient algorithms to control the price of energy markets and help further integration of renewable energy sources into smart energy systems. On the other hand, while carrying on my research, I am also pursuing the doctoral program in Systems and Control at TU Delft;

Research interests

My research interest are not just narrowed to my PhD work. I enjoy being challenged and collaborate with research problems where applied maths, numerical optimization and/or machine learning algorithms can help to push forward the barrier of knowledge. If you too are interested in these areas, you might find useful the links that I share above.