Short Bio

I am a computer science researcher at the Flemish Institute for technological research (VITO) in Belgium. I have recently completed my PhD degree at the Delft Center for Systems and Controls at TU Delft. My research comprises the development of machine learning, optimization, and data science solutions that help advance the energy transition. My PhD work involved the study and research of forecasting and control techniques that, by optimal interaction with electricity markets, allowed more integration of renewable sources and guaranteed larger profits for market agents.

My research interests are applications of machine learning, numerical optimization, artificial intelligence, data science, deep learning, and forecasting algorithms.

As side projects, I am also the developer of optidef, a Latex library for defining optimization problems, and of the epftoolbox python library, the first open-access library for driving research in electricity price forecasting.



  • PhD 2020

    PhD in Systems and Control, focused on control of energy markets.

    TU Delft

  • M.Sc. 2016

    Microsystems Engineering with major in Optimization, Optimal Control and System Identification

    University of Freiburg

  • B.Sc. 2013

    Five-year bachelor degree in Electronics, Automatic Control and Robotics

    University of Vigo